Electrical Repairs


Electrical rewiring is a common occurrence in Perth with older homes’ wiring not being up to scratch. The average older house in Perth was wired with a 6mm incoming consumer mains cable, being inadequate for all the electrical appliances the average home has operating. New homes today are built with an average of 16mm cables – just to give you an idea of the difference between the two!

The process of a re-wire in most cases is quite simple does not need to be expensive. It is a worthwhile investment to prevent the risk of fire if the existing mains cable is overloaded, which is usually the case – just think about all the appliances you have running on a daily basis.

In most circumstances the upgrade of the consumer mains wiring is accompanied by an upgrade of your existing switchboard. If you have an old home, your fuses could be as old as 50 years and are now very outdated. These should be replaced with new miniature circuit breakers which offer superior protection to your home. Also, should these trip due to an overload they are easily reset by flicking a switch, which will save you costly electrician fees later on. A safety switch will also be installed during the upgrade to protect your loved ones. Safety switches are proven to save lives and are legally mandatory in many cases.

If you are renovating your house, why not ask Boss Electrical to come take a look at your wiring and make sure it is adequate first, that way you can have up to date wiring before you start your works – much better to do it in the right order rather than find out in the middle of your new kitchen that you need new wiring and have to halt works to get it done! Also, any cosmetic work done to your house may be a waste of time if walls need to be chased in order to put in new powerpoints or switches that you might require. We can provide a competitive price to upgrade your wiring, switchboard and any other work you may require.