House Rewiring and Renovations

Does your house need rewiring?

It’s crucial that the wiring in your home is up-to-date and complies with Australian Standards to prevent the possibility of electrical hazards, fires or shock.

Rewiring the power circuits will eliminate power trips by splitting the outlets over multiple circuits so that they don’t overload.

There are many warning signs that tell you your house needs rewiring. Some of these can include:

  • Frequently blown fuses

  • An over-fused electrical panel

  • Dimming or flickering lights

  • Hot or discoloured switchplates, cords or plugs

  • Frequent light bulb replacements

  • Buzzing sounds from electrical outlets

  • A burning smell

  • Sparks from an outlet when you plug in an appliance

If you get a minor shock when you plug in an appliance, it’s a sure sign you need to have your house rewired. A burning smell should alert you to an important problem because it could lead to a house fire.

The other things listed above will tell you if you’re overloading your system and, if you are, you’re risking a house fire.

Boss Electrical can also assist with your renovations

In addition to house rewiring, we have many experienced professionals on board including tilers, plumbers, and designers to help with any sort of renovation work – why source all the material and coordinate different trades yourself when we can do it for you! Instead of hiring many other companies to do all these jobs, you can have one company that will provide all the work you need as well as electrical repairs and maintenance, keeping it simple for you and more cost-effective.

At Boss Electrical we build lasting relationships with our customers, many of who use our services over and over again, whether it’s regarding their electrical emergencies or checking the smoke alarms, our service, we believe is the best in Perth. Not only can we provide you with many years’ experience in the renovation field, but we can offer design ideas, alternative arrangements and suggest a more modern way of doing things.

Please call to speak to a member of our team today and get some friendly advice on house rewiring and renovations or request a quote using our quick quote form.