Electrician Guildford WA


Are you looking for electrical companies in Perth that offer 24 hour emergency solutions? Our electricians work around the clock to solve emergency problems so you can get on with your life. We have fixed blown fuses after thunderstorms, checked wiring, and upgraded equipment. Our electricians carry a wide range of tools to ensure that we can quickly address any emergency that you are facing.

Guildford Suburb Profile

Guildford is located 12km northeast of Perth and is part of the City of Swan. In 1829, Guildford was established along the Swan River, as this was used as a permanent fresh water supply. Originally Guildford was called Success Hill and was primarily the centre of the Swan River Colony, acting as the CBD before Perth took over as being the dominant location for the CBD.

For non-emergency situations, call us to repair lighting systems, replace transformers, install garden lights, troubleshoot issues, and more. We can even install ceiling fans, hot water heaters, and air conditioning components. Contact us today for electrical services in Guildford.