Electrical Testing and Tagging


Electrical Equipment Testing Services

If you run a business you are required by law to have your electrical equipment tested and tagged to ensure a safe working environment for your staff. This process needs to take place on a regular basis, but doesn’t need to be a costly experience.

Why Test & Tag?

Australian Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) rules & legislation impose a duty of care on businesses to provide a workplace that is safe for their employees and free of faulty electronic equipment. Failure to comply to this OH&S legislation means that your business could be responsible for the death or injury of yourself, your employees or others.

What does testing and tagging involve?

Boss Electrical will attend your place of business to visually inspect all of your electrical appliances to ensure electrical safety. The safety of an appliance is usually measured using the following:

  • Earth Continuity (of earthed appliances)
  • Insulation/leakage (of all appliances)
  • Polarity (of extension leads and power cords)

Tagging Services

Once the electrician has determined your appliances safe, he will colour tag them all to indicate that each appliance has passed as being electrically safe at the time of testing. The tags will show the following information:

  • Company name
  • Licence or contract number of person testing
  • Test date and next test date

Recording Results

A register of appliances tested is provided, which should be kept, along with the test and inspection details and detail of any repairs carried out by the electrician.

If you’d like to arrange your testing and tagging in Perth today, please do so by calling us or contacting us. We can also give you an approximate price for each item, so you know what you’re expected cost will be.